Foram Development LLC is deeply committed to sustainable building practices and the creation of enduring properties. All of our properties under construction reflect the company’s focus on managing the vertical development of various properties within Foram Group’s portfolio, while expanding its forward-thinking philosophy that will set the tone for future development

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Foram Group, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage company dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Real Estate wealth of its clients through acquisitions, dispositions, management, leasing, and development.


Asset Service


Foram’s collaborative management platform ensures that we understand your goals for the property in both the near and long term. After listening to our clients, we provide a custom and comprehensive management structure to accommodate your operational and financial needs at the property level. Foram’s experience with a broad range of situations and property types allows us to offer our clients the expertise to maximize the performance level of our clients’ assets.

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Fiduciary Service


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Foram Group transitioned from its duties as a broker to a fiduciary through the constant commitment to maintain and enhance the wealth of our clients and their future generations. Somewhat remarkable as a business foundation, Foram was formed in 1978, not for the benefit of its CEO but for the benefit of her clients. It is with this philosophy and obligation that Ms. Cockrum has developed and maintained client relations for over 30 years. Ms. Cockrum shares this fundamental belief with her staff and drives home the need to put the client first – always and without fail.