who are we?

Foram is a real estate asset management company specializing in property development, acquisition, management and leasing throughout the southeastern United States. Originally founded in 1978 in Atlanta, GA as Foram Group, Inc., the organization expanded to include Foram Management and Leasing, Inc., and Foram Contracting, Inc. Today, the organization is referred to collectively as Foram. 

From its Savannah, GA headquarters, the company's seasoned real estate-business professionals acquire and manage an extensive portfolio of properties located primarily in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. 

 Foram Group encompasses the investment experience of an outstanding group of entrepreneurs and financial entities whose initiative, vision and individual business capacity converge in a common goal, the determination to develop a business project as an independent entity in the real-estate sector. 


What do we do?

Since its beginnings, we have focused our activities in the field of real-estate asset management through timberland development and property rental. In the area of real-estate development, either using our own resources or in collaboration with the leading companies in the sector, we develop real-estate projects in both the residential and commercial sectors, imbuing our projects with a personality that is as unique as our own identity. The values that guide Foram Group’s actions are the values that its clients and employees embody: creators of value, direct and principled, enterprising and dynamic, with a vision of the future. We want to participate only in areas where we can add value. Based upon these core values, we are confident that we can generate value for you as well. Our goal is always to do more than is expected of us.


Foram's commitment to adding value to client's assets is founded on the company's proven investment principles
INVESTMENT PLANS based on client objectives are formulated and implemented using intermediate and long term investment strategies.
EXTENSIVE RESEARCH is conducted for all real estate transactions and subjected to review by the combined expertise of company executives representing all disciplines. 
TIMING of a purchase or sale is crucial; thus, markets are continually monitored for trends, shifts in demand and overall investing climate to detect windows of opportunity. 
DIVERSIFICATION is the goal in assembling a successful real property portfolio, and flexibility in acquisition or disposition is essential. 
LOCATION is paramount in real property selection...knowledge of a particular area is key to the selection. 

management philosophy

Foram properties are managed with a focus on quality asset improvement and tenant retention. Success is dictated by adhering to management objectives. 

MANAGE on-site with skilled and knowledgeable, full-time professionals.

IMPROVE the physical plant of the property. 

ELEVATE public perception and increase the overall quality of tenant experience through attentive service. 

FOSTER tenant loyalty and enhance asset value through stable occupancy and a constant or increasing revenue stream.

COMMUNICATE regularly to gauge effectiveness. 

Capacity leasing of a property is achieved by a concerted effort of Foram Management and Leasing experts. Full-time professional expertise is committed to marketing, advertising and promoting a client's property directly to prospective tenants as well as to the brokerage community. 

Foram recognizes that turn-key management is expected and offers the following individualized services:

  • Personalized record and book-keeping, including maintenance of insurance, taxes and government programs
  • Preparation of accurate and complete reports of progress, operational results and plant/improvement condition.
  • Development and submission of annual budgets, including cost estimates and proposed changes for management of operating and investment capital, marketing, property improvement and resource expansion. 

benefits of working with foram

  • Extensive real estate investment knowledge of the southeastern United States.
  • Integrated effort with an investor's professional advisors.
  • Staff expertise in real estate management, financial planning, accounting, financing, commercial leasing, land development, forestry, farming and construction managment. 
  • Representation as informed link between real estate brokerage and financial institutions. 
  • Independent, turn-key fiduciary representation in acquiring and managing real property.
  • Professional dedication to preserving and enhancing client wealth. 


“Foram is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the wealth of its clients from one generation to the next.”