Our History


How we started

Loretta H. Cockrum founded Foram Group, Inc in 1978 while she was helping a private international family identify and purchase large farm and timberland investments in the Southeastern United States. The goal was to preserve their family wealth which had been accumulated by previous generations. At that time there were very few real estate professionals in the US who had the knowledge and experience to be able to understand the concept and importance of wealth preservation. As a result of her love of real-estate and passion for being a fiduciary, it was quite natural for her to form a company that would dedicate itself to that mission.




Where we are


Foram Group has grown its’ clients rural portfolios to over 20,000 acres of Farm, Timberland, andmaster-planned communities in Georgia, South Carolina, and Colorado, as well as garnered expertise in vertical development. We are recognized for the Development of Brickell World Plaza in Miami, Florida and The Bartram in Gainesville, FL. Both are LEED Certified developments and are recognized as leaders in luxury green development for multi-family and office buildings in the US. With over 40 years of personal, hands on management experience, Ms. Cockrum shares the strategies of patient and timely investing with not only her successors and staff but with new investors as well. Those experiences have taken Foram back to its roots of accumulating and managing large timberland investments for wealthy families while continuing to develop existing assets.


Where we are going

In January, 2015, Foram moved its headquarters from Miami, Florida to Savannah, Georgia and added experienced property managers as well as a defined succession plan. There are now three generations of the family managing the growth and preservation of Foram. While maintaining a strong timberland portfolio for our clients, we are expanding into new realms of agricultural real-estate investment, management, and development to create a more diversified and sustainable portfolio. Incorporating this “sustainable Philosophy” we practice in agriculture to buildings, Foram has added multiple projects to its 2016 development pipeline.

“We have been extraordinarily pleased with the benefits our clients have achieved and can demonstrate to others the value of patient and diversified portfolio building
— Loretta H. Cockrum, Founder and CEO